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Health Savings Accounts

If you have a high deductible insurance plan from your employer, open a Health Savings Account, and deposit funds tax-free for medical expenses. All accounts are opened as a Savings Account, and funds are transferred to a Checking Account when used for purchases.

  • $50 minimum to open account
  • Less than $1,000, then a $3.50 monthly service charge - Maintain a daily minimum balance of $1,000 to avoid the $3.50 monthly charge
  • FREE Online Banking
  • Recieve a detailed Monthly Statement with check images
  • Choose between either an ATM Cash 24 Card - 24 hour access to your money or a Visa Debit Card - this dual function card acts as both your ATM & Debit Card and is widely accepted everywhere the Visa logo is displayed. Each authorized signer can get a Visa Debit Card with their name to use for his or her medical expenses.


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